Arizona Centenial Exhibition inTucson Features Father Kino

Father Eusebio Kino.
Historical Figures to Illustrate Arizona History in Statehood Centennial Celebration at the
Mini Time Machine Museum
January 31 - April 14, 2012.

The Mini Time Machine is an elegant, new boutique Museum for historical miniatures. The staff had wanted to exhibit George Stuart’s Historical Figures, and the Arizona centennial became the perfect reason. With encouragement and support of HFF Director Pat Bergen, an exhibit of fourteen Figures is scheduled to open in Tucson on January 31 and run through April 14, 2012.
New Mini Time Machine Museum in Tucson
What do Historical Figures and Arizona have in common? Lots, it turns out. We all share common “roots” with many of the Movement West Figures, going back to Spain and later to Mexico. That is why the exhibit will include 14 Figures spanning 400 years from Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand and Christopher Columbus to the conquest and colonization of Mexico and the American Southwest. Other Figures: Pope Alexander VI, Moctezuma, , Hérnan Cortés, Malinche, Leopard Warrior, Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson, Abraham Lincoln, John Fremont & wife Jessie Fremont—each with their own contribution to the Arizona saga.

The popular Figure of the beloved Father Eusebio Kino will lead the entourage! As George Stuart says,"The Austrian Jesuit Father Eubesio Kino was dauntless in his travels through the barren deserts of the Sonora and Baja regions of Mexico. His maps and charts were in use up to the end of the 19th century, and his missions still stand today. It is believed that he introduced cattle ranching to the west."

Mr. Stuart will give a special monolog at the museum on January 29.

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